Professional Tax (PT)

Professional Tax is levied by the state government. This tax is paid by every individual who earns. The limit is Rs.2500 per year and the calculation and amount collected may differ from one state to another.

Since it is a tax that is levied by the state government, it tends to differ from one state to another. Each state has a slab set, and the professional tax is deducted based on these slabs.

PT is collected by the employers from employees monthly salaries, and it then paid to the government. Failure to collect or to pay professional tax may result in penalties. Also if you’re not working for an employer, you are liable to pay the professional tax yourself. For professionals, not working with any employer, can register by applying through a form.

    Documents Required

    Copy of PAN Card

    Copy of ID Proof

    Copy of Rent Agreement (if rented)

    Copy of Property Paper (if owned)

    Address proof

    Partnership deed /MOA/ AOA

    What’s Included

    Govt. fee

    Time Required

     2-10  Working Days

    Professional Tax (PT) Process

    Fill Online Application Form

    We prepare your file and submit with the dept.

    Pay the dept. fee and follow up with them for registration

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